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I'm James Newton, in the Seattle, WA area.

I do software engineering at ShareGrid.

I like to write from time to time.

Setting up coc.nvim for Ruby development

Conquer of Completion

If you don’t already know what coc.nvim is, I recommend you take a look at the project README and Wiki. To give you an idea:

  • Full Language Server support
  • Extension system similar to VSCode
    • Allows implementing tooling such as Code Actions, Code Lens, and more
    • Some coc.nvim extensions are even passthroughs to VSCode extensions

To complete this guide you need:

  1. Vim or Neovim
  2. Reasonably up-to-date versions of Node and Ruby
    • I’m using Node 12.x and Ruby 2.6.x. You’ll need gem and npm available


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