Hi, I’m James Newton.

I’m a software developer in Seattle, WA, who loves working with people to solve problems.

A polyglot at heart, learning is my passion. I enjoy taking on projects in new languages and frameworks to build my stack.

If you’re looking to fill a developer role, email me today.

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~$ cat skills.txt
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Gem
  • jQuery
  • npm
  • Express
  • Python
  • Go
  • Vim
  • Git, Mercurial
  • Docker
  • Linux (DevOps)
~$ vim work.md
ShareGrid (2017 — Current)
Software Engineer

ShareGrid is a marketplace to list and rent camera gear from locals.

  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Ruby, Rails
IZEA (2016 — 2017)
Software Engineer

IZEA connects brands with influential content creators and publishers.

During my time at IZEA I worked on various APIs that powered the Rails backend of the IZEA Exchange, and occasionally worked on the frontend Ember application using those APIs.

  • Ember.js
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby, Rails
Code School (2014 — 2016)
Software Engineer II

Code School, recently acquired by Pluralsight, is an interactive learning platform based in Orlando, FL.

I implemented challenges for courses like Surviving APIs with Rails, Staying Sharp with Angular.js, and more. In addition, I wrote the Python code executor that powers Try Python and Flying Through Python, and contributed to the backend and Angular.js code for JavaScript.com’s Try JavaScript.

  • Angular.js
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Node, Express
  • Python
  • Ruby, Rails
Chargify (2012 — 2014)
Tech Support Developer

As the first hire of Tier 2 support, I was responsible for helping customers and developers with platform issues at Chargify, a recurring payment system. I also developed features for the payment gateway integration, as well as the original implementation of the eWay gateway the company used with ActiveMerchant.

  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Ruby, Rails, Gem
CYber SYtes (2011 — 2012)

I was responsible for various programming, debugging, and a wide range of support tasks while working in the support department at this small website shop.

  • Perl
  • PHP, WordPress
WhatPulse (2011 — Present)

As a fan of data-driven software, I’ve contributed to WhatPulse for several years, in the form of backend work, JavaScript, and consulting.

  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • PHP, Custom framework
GitLab (2015 — Present)

I’m a member of the core team of volunteers for GitLab, having contributed and been recognized for supporting users in the #gitlab IRC channel for the past several years.

  • Ruby, Rails
~$ lynx

Let’s talk about how I can contribute to your development team. Email me today.